What is Persian food?

According to Wikipedia, typical Iranian main dishes are combinations of rice with meat, vegetables, and nuts. Herbs are frequently used, along with fruits such as plums, pomegranates,  quince, and raisins. Characteristic Iranian flavourings such as saffron, dried lime and other sources of sour flavouring, cinnamon, turmeric and dill and other herbs are mixed and used in various dishes.

According to our father, its amazing, amazing, amazing!

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver to most neighbourhoods in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville. GTA delivery will be launching soon so stay tuned!

When will I receive my order?

Orders placed before noon (12:00 pm) on Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday (perfect timing for you to prepare the meal over the weekend!). Orders placed after the cut-off time will be delivered the following Thursday. 

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

The minimum order for delivery is $40 before taxes and shipping.

How much is delivery?

Delivery to any address within our delivery zone is $5.00

Can I pick up my order? 

You sure can! You have the choice to pick up your order at Nannaa Eatery located in the heart of Westdale in Hamilton (1010 King St. West) or Rayhoon Eatery in the heart of Village Square in Burlington (420 Pearl St.). All orders placed before the order deadline (Tuesdays before 12:00 pm) will be ready for pick up after 2:00 pm on Thursdays.

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?

Although we recommend receiving your package right away, you do not have to be home to receive your order. Just like any amazon order, your order will be placed at your door and you will be notified by e-mail that your package has been delivered. Ice packs will keep your order cool until you arrive home. We do not recommend leaving your package outside for longer than 6 hours.

I received my order today. How long do the meal kits last before I have to prepare them?

We recommend making the meal kits within 2 days. However, if you need more time, you can always freeze certain components (i.e. meats, mince garlic, pureed onions, pureed squash) and/or refrigerate others until you are ready to cook up a storm! 

I have a question about a recipe I am making, what do I do?

We are always here to help! Email us at orders@nannaafoods.com or call (905) 777-1010 for any guidance you may need.

I have a friend/family member who would love this! Can I send them an order?

Absolutely! Our meal kits and heat and eat packs make excellent gifts and care packages. 

How do I make Tadig (crispy rice at the bottom of the pot)?

Ahh the crown jewel of a home cooked Persian meal! Tadig is often fought over at the dinner table...if it ever makes it to the dinner table. The key to making good Tadig is understanding your pot and your stove. First, a non-stick pot is highly recommended as it is much more forgiving and less likely to burn.  Tadig is created by cooking the rice on high heat over a short period of time without burning it. That is the key...not burning it. Our instructions for most rice dishes is to cook it for 10 minutes on medium-high, 10 minutes on medium and then 10 minutes on low. That is a good starting point. If you find that no Tadig was created or it is really thin and not too crispy, adjust the times accordingly so that the rice is cooked at a higher heat level for longer. But again, be careful not to burn it. That is the key!

Why is it important to have a non-stick pot for steaming the rice?

Although it is possible steam the rice in a regular pot, if you want any chance of making Tadig and more importantly to lower the chance of burning the rice, a non-stick pot is your best friend.