About us

How it all began....
Funny enough, it started with a somber image that our yet unborn offsprings might never get the privilege of feeling the warmth and affection of my Maman's masterful daily gifting of Persian cuisine. 
Sure, there would be occasional visits to the grandparent's house; Thanksgiving dinners, Nowrooz, and Christmas celebrations or the random mid-afternoon mehmoonies (a Persian shindig), where our parents and their friends would be boogying to bandari music in the living room at 3 pm on a Sunday only under the influence of ghourmeh sabzi and chai-nabaat. 
But surely that would be unjust. So we set out to ensure that the love and the art of Persian cooking gets passed on to future generations. We started with baby steps. Long, cross-Atlantic Skype calls (for the millennials out there, Skype = ZOOM) that featured Mamani stating things like "Now add in the Tumeric"; "How much Tumeric?"; "Just enough"; "Maman, just enough isn't a recognized measurement standard." 
We then upped the wager by having one of the siblings intervene on location with a slew of measuring cups/spoons and a thermometer. Nothing went into the pots and pans before it was stopped, examined, measured, and documented. 
That was just the beginning of a glorious journey that manifested itself in Rayhoon in Burlington and then Nannaa in Hamilton. 
We set out to bring Persian Fare to the beautiful people of Burlington and Hamilton, and you have granted us the privilege of serving as the backdrop to your celebrations, birthday parties, family gatherings, business lunches, and date nights for the last 10 years.
But we want to do more and spread the love even further by providing everything you need to bring those delicious homemade Persian meals and magical moments to your kitchen table at home. 
From your browser/smartphone to your doorstep...to your kitchen table, we are making the preparation and cooking of a home-cooked Persian meal as easy, intuitive, and enjoyable as it's ever been.
Save time, reduce food waste, and, most importantly, bring people you love together for a home-cooked Persian meal with our line up of Meal Kits and Heat & Eat offerings. You will thank us later. 
Nooshe Jan - Bon Appetit!